Oxbridge Mentorship Programme

The inaugural Oxbridge Mentorship Programme is a unique opportunity for current students to be mentored by Oxbridge alumni—leaders and pioneers in their respective fields. You’ll be assigned a mentor based on the “closest match” and availability. There will be no option to choose/change your mentor once assigned (unless due to unforeseen circumstances)—all of the mentors are exceptional individuals who will guide your professional and personal growth.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Sign up as a member of the Oxford & Cambridge Society of Malaysia at http://goo.gl/K3lXd (RM100 for life membership)
  2. Fill up the Oxbridge Mentorship Programme form at http://goo.gl/brOqe.

Your mentor will allocate time to discuss your interests/areas of concern, for instance:

  • Advice on subjects/modules that you intend to study/specialize in
  • Career options/path
  • Working in Malaysia (compared to other countries) We encourage mentees to meet up with their mentors in person at least once this summer, or failing that, via conference call(s).

Mentees should take the initiative to communicate with their mentors through email as required.

Would you like to mentor bright young Malaysians currently at Oxbridge? We’d love to have you!

Please contact Chook Yuh Yng or the current CUMaS Alumni Officer for more information.
Please also register your contact details here so that we can get in touch with you!